As I was outside doing the poop scooping duties my mind began to wander…. and as I watched our resident pups supervising my work I began to think about each of their stories. Of course it is a given that they each have a story but it hit me full force how each is unique and how HWAH was able to change each life in a good way.

AND – that started me thinking about how many of you have had or currently have a rescued pet with a story and how without your intervention their stories may not have had a happy outcome!!

AND – that started me thinking about what kind of people are willing to rescue an animal!!! and give them a good life and not give up on them when they are sick or old.

For me it was a childhood without much love and lots of abuse, and a young womanhood filled with fear and physical abuse. I was lucky – I survived and decided I wanted to spread love and care and kindness and didn’t want anyone I could help to feel helpless, loneliness and hurt.

In this crazy time when many of us are in a “lock-down” of sorts, I wonder if you might take a bit of time to share your back-story – what made you into a person that gives from your heart and wants to save critters who do not have a voice of their own??

A Mentor?? a Teacher?? your Faith??? Life Lessons?? and add to that the back story of at least one of the pets you saved and how you changed their life……….

I would love to hear your stories, and if you can share some photos – with your permission – I will feature one story each week until we run out of stories…….email to

Love, HUGS and HOPE as Always —XXXOOOsher