Fundraise for HWAH

At House with a Heart, one of the blessings we receive is support from our friends and followers who set up fundraisers.

If you’re not in a place to donate financially or want to amplify your efforts, you can set up an online fundraiser and get creative with it!

Here are some ideas:

  • Birthday, anniversary, or wedding coming up? Ask friends and family to donate to HWAH in lieu of presents for your special day.
  • Feeling crafty? You or your kids could make a craft to sell online or at a neighborhood stand to raise money. Friendship bracelets are inexpensive and easy to make!
  • Are you an avid runner or cyclist? Make up your own personal challenge where people can donate dollars for each mile you complete.
  • Share our QR code – you can post it on the wall of your business or at your desk or share it in communications.

How-To Instructions:

For Facebook Birthday Fundraiser:

For Instagram Fundraiser:

Share our QR code: if your business would like to help spread awareness and make donations to HWAH, please consider adding our QR code to your newsletter, website or other materials. To request a copy of the HWAH QR code, please contact

Lemonade stands and bake sales may seem like throwbacks, but who doesn’t love delicious drinks, cookies, and brownies!  This is also a fun family activity! Get neighbors or friends involved so you’ll have more goodies to sell and donate the profits to HWAH.

Everyone’s heard of Happy Hour, but what about Yappy Hour? To start a Yappy Hour fundraiser, you can partner with a local establishment like a restaurant or bar. Then, invite all your animal-loving friends to come out for drinks, food, and fun. You can charge an admission price and ask people to make donations to HWAH throughout the night.  If the restaurant or bar is willing to donate a percentage of the night’s profits, then you’ll raise even more!

Please note:  donations made to House with a Heart from fundraisers are tax deductible!  We’re happy to provide the individual who makes the donation with a tax donation receipt (e.g., if you do a lemonade stand, only the person who sends the money to HWAH gets the donation receipt).  If a donation is made in cash, we can provide one receipt to the person who delivers the money to HWAH.

We’re so grateful for every donation made to our Sanctuary.  Thanks to YOU, we can continue to provide a “helping hand” to senior pups and kitties!