About K9 & Kitty Medical Miracles

Welcome to our “K9 & Kitty Medical Miracles” Program.

We have embarked on a new way to help Senior and Special needs dogs and cats. By partnering with local Rescues who will pull a 12+ year old dog or cat from a shelter, we will provide a Grant for the necessary medical care to make that pup/cat ready for their new forever home. 

Often when a rescue group goes to a shelter, they only look for young healthy dogs or young cats, even though many people are now considering a Senior or Special needs dog or cat when looking to adopt.

Our goal is to make that first step as easy as possible.

This year our project includes KITTIES, so we are now the K-9 and Kitty Medical Miracles!  

In our third year of the program, we added five new Rescue Partners, and we’ll continue to increase our partnerships so we can save even more dogs and cats that need medical care in order to find new homes.  In 2020 we provided 22 Medical Grants that helped to move some wonderful dogs and cats from being left behind to being LOVED.

With your help we were able to establish our 2021 budget, and with $24,000 in the Fund, we’ll be able to provide at least 24 grants to get medical care for dogs and cats who are pulled from shelters or from Owner give-ups.  These pets often need extensive medical care to prepare them for adoption or foster care.

Saving these senior and special needs pups and kitties is ONLY possible because of YOUR support.  THANK YOU!

If you wish to help, please click here: K9 Medical Miracles Donate

Rescued in 2020