Since House with a Heart opened its door in 2006, we have said good-bye to eighty-one of our cherished residents. They will always remain in our hearts and we are eternally grateful for the time we had them in our lives. We find comfort in knowing we fulfilled our mission by providing them all with a loving home for the last years of their lives.  On this page we Honor some of these special friends.



Dixie and Marlie have lived their entire lives in a local community of Sisters, however, the Sisters have been relocated, all but one to nursing homes. So they were unable to keep their beloved pups, and we were glad to welcome them to HWAHDixie was a spayed female Rat Terrier. She was friendly and incredibly loving!Dixie Doodle as we called her sometimes was a real Diva!!! She would rush up to anyone who arrived at HWAH to give them an effusive hello, a little dance move on her hind legs…MAYBE a quick kiss, and then POOF! As if the curtain has come down on the last curtain call….D O N E!! Head high in the air, Decorum back intact, off she walked, all prim and proper!!! It was fun to watch her let the facade slip away once in a while. Dixie was definitely not a cuddly pup, but she was beautiful, and when she did give you her attention it was really special. Sadly we lost her March 8th after a two week battle with pancreatitis, along with related complications.

Nora – Memorial


Nora lived outdoors on a chain for 9+ years. She was a resilient dog who is the sweetest human loving dog. She loved and respected other dogs and cats. She loved attention, and we made sure she got it after all she’s been through.End of the story: Big Bruno said….. “Ms Nora was happy to see me…she even smiled. Sher spoke with the vet and we all knew it was time. They placed Ms Nora in my lap and she went peacefully. Big Bruno was there in the beginning when we got her and at the end. Thank you Sher for giving her the best 3 years any one can ask for”. February 13, 2019

Buddy – Memorial


Buddy was packed in a crate full of cats and transported from North Carolina to a Baltimore Cat Rescue. Imagine their surprise when out came a scared poodle! They called a poodle rescue, who then called us. When we picked him up, he was in horrible condition. Broken jaw, fleas, matted, bad heart. He was scared at first, but then realized we were there to save him. He loved every dog and human he met. He stole the hearts of everyone! We decided he was too fragile and wanted him to spend the rest of his years with us. We estimate he was around 15 when he came to us. Buddy was a beloved resident at HWAH. We all loved him and proved to him every day that LOVE LIVES HERE and he was HOME at last! March 24, 2019

Raini – Forever Foster – Memorial

Lives with Cindy

Raini was a 14 year old Yorkie who came to HWAH through the Buster’s Buddies program. Raini had been living with an elderly lady who passed away, and was then returned to his original owner who could not care for him because of her busy life. Raini had a severely damaged heart and his prognosis was extremely poor. But thanks for his forever foster angel, Cindy, he had a whole new life:. “ Raini loved to go for walks, he pranced along until he comes across something he needed to smell and mark. He knew when it’s almost dinner time. He headed right for the car, enough walking. 🙂 We just loved him.” March 27, 2019

Tinker – Memorial

Tinker in Blanket

Our Crazy Chihuahua Tinker the Stinker succumbed to cancer. Her Liver values were off the charts, she had a temp of 104 and she tucked her tail as she strutted about and that told us she felt awful…
Emily transported our girl to VRA to be checked out and when they confirmed it was time to say goodbye, Frances went over immediately to hold her as she passed gently onto her next adventure. May 17, 2019

Farewell, Master, yet not farewell.
Where I go, ye too shall dwell.
I am gone, before your face, A moment’s time, a little space.
When ye come where I have stepped, Ye will wonder why ye wept.