Meet the Residents

  • Fluffy

    Age: 13

    Fluffy was rescued as a tiny kitten when her Kitty Mom could no longer care for her. She was bottle fed and raised at HWAH. Fluffy is the Queen of the Kitty Roost. You can never be sure where she will turn up. She has no fear of the dogs and will strut her stuff whenever and wherever she can!

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  • Gianni


    Age: 19

    Gianni, a dashing Balinese came to HWAH along with his “brother” Giorgio, now passed.  These two beautiful boy kitties were loved deeply by their family.  When a family member developed severe allergies they came to live at HWAH.  The other family members who are not allergic visit HWAH to spend time loving him and giving him a good brushing.  He is a calm and sweet cat who has quite a Fan Club among the Kitty volunteers.

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  • Munchkin – Forever Foster

    Age: 11

    Munchkin came to HWAH when she was found as a stray kitty. Since Munchkin only had 3 legs we wanted a special home for her. When Siggi lost her beloved cat of 19 years, Sweet Pea, she was looking to foster a cat that would sit on her lap and keep her company. Munchkin fit the bill and went to live with Siggi in 2010. She is a lively loveable girl that loves to sit atop her 3 tiered cat perch, in her bed in the front bay, or on the ledge of the back windows. She gets lots of attention as the only cat.

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  • Jenny

    Age: 15

    This beautiful Portuguese water dog was rescued from a hoarding situation. She had been placed in two foster homes that were unable to rehabilitate a dog that had emotionally shut down. Since coming to the Sanctuary, Jenny has slowly made progress and now can walk on a leash. She’s very shy, but occasionally comes out to greet visitors to say hello.

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  • Daphne

    Age: 15

    This darling thirteen-year-old Chihuahua was rescued from a puppy mill and taken to the local shelter. Unfortunately, while in foster care, she jumped off a chair and broke her leg and the same thing happened in her second foster placement! When the shelter wanted to amputate her leg or euthanize her, we brought her to the Sanctuary. Luckily under our care, Daphne’s leg healed without the need for further surgery and she’s been fine ever since. She loves getting up on her back legs, and dancing.

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  • Happy In His Cart


    Age: 15

    Our boy, Happy, is true to his name. This jovial and bouncy Bichon Frise enjoys every minute of his life, despite the fact that he’s lost the use of his back legs. Unfortunately, neurological consults and physical therapy confirmed that his condition can’t be corrected. But Happy doesn’t let it stop him! He can run races in his “doggie wheels,” and make his way around the Sanctuary on his own. Happy sleeps in his own crib and loves to be cuddled by his favorite people. His former family loved him and still visits him occasionally, but just couldn’t handle the demands of caring for a paraplegic pup.

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  • Piper


    Age: 4

    Piper’s beginnings were not so bright and hopeful – she was only 6 pounds at 6 months old and came to us for hospice care because she was not thriving and her Vet recommended euthanasia. Our job was to love her for as long as we could and then let her go…..and that is what she has been doing ever since she arrived at HWAH…. Going and going and going – just like that Energizer Bunny!!! It was touch and go in the beginning with lots of Vet visits and lots of medications and special care, many frightening stays in the ER….but once this little girl experienced the crazy love that everyone at the Sanctuary had for her she didn’t dare leave us. She is full of beans and is animated, spirited and lively and when she is not bouncing around she is snuggling and giving licks and LOVE.

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  • Monroe – Forever Foster

    Age: 5

    Monroe is our Miracle Mascot. Unlike our other pups and kitties he’s not a senior and he has no has no special needs. So why, you might ask, is he at the Sanctuary? Well, because this little hunk of love is a MIRACLE! He arrived at the sanctuary severely debilitated, but with love and care, his improvement was miraculous.But what we do know is that we fell in love with this sweet, intelligent, energetic puppy. So our miracle boy has become our Miracle Mascot and his loving presence added a new dimension to House with a Heart. He now lives with his forever foster family, Karen

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  • Sally – Forever Foster

    Age: 10

    Sally is one of the younger residents and has brought us so much love and laughter is just a short period of time. She was a severely neglected owner give-up who arrived in deplorable condition—underweight, covered in bodily waste and completely matted. She is now one happy, carefree little girl that is more of a puppy than her estimated 8-10 years indicates. She loves to play with toys, get hugs and lap time from her humans, and playtime with her Forever Foster, Frances and her family

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