Re-homing Resources



Currently, House with a Heart is at full capacity.


PLEASE USE THE RESOURCES BELOW IN YOUR SEARCH TO RE-HOME YOUR PET. provides re-homing support when owners can no longer keep their pets.

For animals with behavior issues, training information can be found online and in books. Also, you can find training programs in your area. Some organizations offer free workshops. Here is a link to a program local to us: “Your Dogs Friend – free workshops”

Pet Ownership Costs/Trouble Affording Your Pet?

Ways to get Help with Vet Bills or Pet Food

Access to a reliable crowdfunding option for veterinary care –

Trouble Affording Pet Resources

Financial Aid for Pets – Best Friends

Pet cost calculator

General Rescues


Petfinder ( is a resource for you to investigate if you haven’t already.  Usually folks use this website to find a pet to adopt.  They type in what breed of dog or cat they are looking for and their zip code.  A list of rescues that that have dogs or cats for adoption that are the same breed they requested will come up.  In your case you would be looking for rescues that could help your dog or cat. With their contacts they may be able to help you find a home for your pet. is a great resource if you need to rehome your pet. Just sign up and post your pet.

Maryland Pet Gazette

Click on Directory at top and scroll down to Welfare for Animals for rescues. There are a lot of interesting and helpful categories listed under Directory.

The Recovery Village

Offers ways to help find pet companions for folks in recovery

Akita Rescue

Alaskan Malamute Rescue

Beagle Rescue

Basset Hound Rescue

Bichon Frise Rescues

Border Collie Rescues

Boxer Rescue

Cane Corso/Large Dog Breed Rescues

Cocker Spaniel Rescues

Dachshund Rescue

German Shepherd Rescue

Havanese Rescue

Hound Rescue

Jack Russell Terrier Rescues

Lab Rescues – MD

Lab Rescue – VA

Pekingese Rescue

Pit Bull Rescues

Poodle Rescue

Pug Rescues

Siberian Husky Rescues

West Highland White Terrier Rescues

Yorkshire Terrier Rescues

Blind Dog Rescue

Disabled Rescues

Dogs on Deployment

Cat Rescues – No Kill

Cat Resources

Resources from the MCSPCA Website

Links to Rehoming Documents by Rescue

Cats & Dogs

Cats Only

Dogs Only

Resources for Help Keeping Your Pet