About Faith’s Funds

We established Faith’s Funds to honor one of the sweetest and much beloved poodles at House with a Heart.  This fund was setup in memory of Faith’s Fund” to help with the costs of medical care for our pups with complex health needs.

Faith was a tiny little poodle that came to HWAH from Caroline County Humane Society.  She had been found in a ditch and was extremely emaciated and in very poor condition.  We were fearful at first that she wouldn’t survive her terrible ordeal but after several weeks, mostly sleeping and eating, she rallied.

 This adorable girl was blind and her back was curved as a result of arthritis, but she scampered about and was able to find her way around the yard. 

 We cannot mention Faith without mentioning Harriette who loved her so very much and Faith ADORED Harriette. Faith was the tiniest of poodles but with so much heart and love to share, and Harriette made her heart sing whenever she arrived at the Sanctuary.  Faith would cry and carry on until she was able to cuddle into Mama Harriette’s arms. 

We are so grateful for all of the supporters who have given to Faith’s Funds over the years and helped with our senior and peical needs medical expenses.