Not so cuddly

Coco looking at you

Today’s Sharing Story is about one of our former Buster’s Buddies, now a permanent resident of House with a Heart who is the opposite of most of the dogs we share on social media: 

The other side of the coin….. we often show pictures of cuddly, affectionate, loving dogs..  But the truth is, not all of the dogs who come to House with a Heart are able to show that kind of loving affection…

This is the story of Coco the Bichon, and her new life at House with a Heart:  

“She can be as mean as a snake fighting a mongoose……..  I am the only one who can actually pick her up.  Just recently Chris was able to change her diaper.  Lori works with her and can now get cuddles with her” says Sher our Director…

She was in such pain when she arrived:  Coco’s Owner had to give her up as she was no longer able to give her the care she needed.  Coco was suffering greatly and in pain with dental disease, bladder stones and tumors on the back of her legs and skin allergies.  Coco has gone through bladder surgery and had her tumors removed.  Now after surgery we are gaining her trust.

Her skin condition is improving.  Our Vet and Groomer collaborated to get her mats removed and then we were able to brush her without causing any hurt.  You can imagine that she had to be in a lot of pain for a long time so she is hesitant to be picked up but once she trusts you she really enjoys lap time and brushing

Most people want a warm and friendly cuddly dog….  Which she IS but only with me because I have worked with her consistently to get there….  I have asked everyone to do the things I did with her but most everyone is afraid of her.

She is a sweet sweet pup just waiting to blossom for the right person. XXXOOOO Sher”.            

While Coco in rock gardenmany would give up and just give Coco her basic needs, at HWAH, we believe “Love Lives Here” – even for a dog as “mean as a snake fighting a mongoose”….









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