Daphne – Stealth ankle biter

Daphne 2014Daphne is a Stealth ankle biter when new people are around, but once she is your friend you are safe!

This darling blonde Chihuahua was rescued from a puppy mill and taken to the local shelter. Unfortunately, while in a foster home, she jumped off a chair and broke her leg. After surgery, she needed to be kept quiet and have 24/7 care so the shelter asked HWAH to provide a place for Daphne until she was healed and ready for adoption.

Of course, we all fell in love with this feisty pup and were sad when she left us to go to her new foster home to wait for adoption! A freak accident on her first day with her new foster family caused Daphne to break her leg AGAIN!!! The shelter was faced with the difficult decision to either amputate her leg or euthanize her. When the consensus was to euthanize her we asked if she could instead come back and stay with us at HWAH.

With good medical care and several visits to the Orthopedic Specialist Daphne was able to walk again!! Her leg still looks a little odd but if you didn’t know you wouldn’t notice. You will often see Daphne dancing on her hind legs in hopes of catching a treat.Daphne Dancing

Daphne was Best Friends with Tammy Two Too before she passed on…she would always run to greet Tammy when she walked into the room and once Tammy became blind you would often see Daphne leaning against her side out in the yard.

 Tammy Two Too and Daphne - Adventure Day picnic

Daphne surveys her HWAH Queendom from a comfy bed on the corner of the couch.  From her perch she barks at anyone new who comes in and admonishes any doggies who might dare to play in front of her.  She is one of the first in line when treats are being handed out….she is called Dancing Daphne for good reason!   


In Chihuahua fashion she will sometimes do a stealth nip at the back of a leg when someone new is leaving the room so we try to always warn Newcomers to make friends with Daphne ASAP with treats in hand.  I think this is all falling right in line with Daphne’s secret plan!!!

Daphne with Pam

Best Friend Visit Alert!!! One of our Human Best Friends stopped by for a visit. Pam and her hubby Ray, are now retired and in Florida, but Pam has not forgotten HWAH. Here she is posing with her little LOVE, Daphne, at HWAH on a recent visit. Both Daphne and Pam encourage you to go to your local shelter this weekend and find a Seriously Senior Pup to be YOUR new BFF!!! Hugs and Hope to all!!! XXXXOOOOO