How do they do that – when they’re Blind?


Blindness seems to be common among seriously seniors but most of the pups who have lived at HWAH have all handled their blindness quite well.  And at House with a Heart, we are blessed with folks who understand and love blinds dogs the same as the rest of our seriously seniors. 

Take Clementine and Copper for example:

Clementine’s BFF is our Vice President Rich. Rich comes to HWAH twice a week and carries her around in his arms. On those days it’s not uncommon to hear Clementine crying out VERY loudly in anticipation of Rich’s arrival!    The power of “sound”Clementine

Back in April of 2016, Little Clemie had surgery  to remove mammary tumors. She seemed in so much pain as the day progressed that we called Rich to see if he could take her to VCA to spend the night in the ICU. She was crying and cringing in pain but as soon as Rich touched her you could see her take a breath and relax!!    The power of “touch”

with Rich

Copper exhibits the usual signs of advancing age – failing eyesight, creaky joints, and diminished energy. He still has a great appetite and is able to get himself back inside by using the doggie door and ramp. His favorite things to do are sleep and eat. He never misses a treat and will submit to grooming( although grudgingly).     The power of “smell”

Click here to watch Copper – major luv bug

People forget that vision is not the primary sense in dogs. It may be for people, but not for dogs! The fact is dogs don’t need sighted eyes to live a normal, healthy and fun life.

If they can smell, taste, hear your voice talking and feel you petting them, they’re enjoying life. They enjoy the same things sighted dogs do: walks, belly rubs, meal time, play time and more!

“They may not see your face, but they can read your heart”.