You make me feel like I can FLY!!!

Oct 15, 2020 | Blog

Piper!!! You make me feel like I can FLY!!!

It is a privilege and an Honor and a JOY to take care of you, the HWAH Residents, the Buster’s Buddies, the Piper’s Pals and the BFF’s who come to visit!! I feel like the Volunteers, Staff and I have our lives enriched by being able to care for you and your friends!!!

Our Buster’s Buddies program helps other Rescue Groups by providing a home for dogs and cats who are waiting for their forever home or a Forever Foster.  They are not HWAH residents — they still belong to the original Rescue Group.

While we can only accept a very few dogs/cats yearly into the Buster’s Buddies program, each one that stays is given the same love and care as the residents and visiting dogs.

We are able to take care of their medical needs and daily care through the donations of our supporters to the Buster’s Buddies Program

We reserve special spaces at the Sanctuary for Piper’s Pals.  This is what we lovingly call a pet that will eventually return home to its family, but is staying with our HWAH pack for a little while.

And not to be forgotten, our BFF’s are our short term visitors who spend time at HWAH while their owners are away for a brief break. Many of them are just like family.


Who agrees with me that being the Caregiver of a Critter or Critters is a GOOD thing that will make you feel like you can FLY!!! and make me feel even better today – share photos of the critters who make you feel like you could FLY… no matter what species!!!

Hugs and HOPE!!! XXXOOOsher