What is a “Forever Foster” at HWAH?

Oct 28, 2020 | Blog, Forever Foster

Poppy showing off her favorite tooth

“Forever Fosters”

As you know, House with a Heart residents are dogs who come to HWAH and have a “Home for Life”.    Recently we opened our hearts to a few very special needs dogs that we are caring for in partnership with other rescues, called “Busters Buddies”.  And they are given the same love and care that we do all of the Sanctuary critters.  But SOMETIMES it is not the best of the best and that is what we always want for our charges.

Some pups become “Forever Fosters”.

These are pups who are happier in a more calm and quiet setting with more hands-on attention than they can get in the Sanctuary full of doggie friends all vying for attention.

One such dog is Poppy.

When Poppy arrived at HWAH she was suffering terribly with skin allergies. Much of her hair was missing and her teeth were a mess. Poppy’s Mom had not been able to care for her as she herself had to go into a nursing home, and her family reached out to us. The moment we met this girl, we fell in love. She is ADORABLE! Her personality is LOVEBUG. Poppy is a Forever Foster with Lori and John.

Living at HWAH in the Sanctuary is great and lots of fun, but being part of a “forever foster” family is even better!!