Tinker- Diminutive Dynamo

Jul 18, 2018 | Blog

I wanted to make sure that you did not miss this sweet story in pictures about Tinker. This little girl came to HWAH a true Grumpy Gail – but then again she IS a Chihuahua…. over time she has become more and more engaged with people….asking to be petted and running up to say hello.  

  Tinker is a powerhouse in a pintsized body….  She is a diminutive dynamo!!  At 16 years old she is seven pounds of love, lazy, and loud!!!

 In her Behavior comments about being housetrained it says she will use the pet door, the potty pad OR the FLOOR….  She does as she pleases.  Now please don’t think that she is not adorable!!  She is…  she wants to be petted and snuggled and loved but only on HER terms.   She has no problem being picked up as long as you only touch her on the right side and only after 3 long strokes on her back.   A very serious Diva Dog this one!!!

 One thing that is definitely NOT on her list of things to do – is to be examined by the Vet.   Beware anyone who tries to hold her steady… this is a feisty little Chihuahua.   She makes us laugh and love her more with each passing day.

She is now a member of the HWAH Buster’s Buddies brigade – dogs we are fostering for other rescues.

Won’t YOU think about Tinker and making her life SPECIAL by becoming her Forever Family or Forever Foster!!!????

Please contact our rescue partner at becce.warwick@gmail.com or hwah.lori@yahoo.com if you have enough love to “Love her for her lifetime”