Time To Give Her Peace..

Feb 8, 2020 | Blog

#HWAHJennyGoodbye.. Time to give her peace…

Our  beautiful 16 year old Portuguese water dog Jenny was rescued from a hoarding situation.  She had been placed in two foster homes that were unable to rehabilitate a dog that had emotionally shut down

Since coming to the Sanctuary, Jenny had slowly made progress and would walk on a leash and would sometimes take a treat from your hand. Frances was one of the HWAH Angels who took special care with Jenny, and brought treats.

But Friday, we realized it was time to give her peace…

Frances took Jenny to Kentland Veternary Friday and around 4pm Jenny passed with Frances there with her.  Frances fed Jenny her favorite cheeseburger treat from McDonalds and Jenny passed peacefully.

 It wasn’t an easy decision but Jenny needed to be freed from the pain in her body and in her heart.  She was only a happy dog when she had Buddy with her and then Logan.  After Logan passed she was really depressed.

 She did have moments of joy when she was outside with her other visiting doggie friends and with Emily.  Those times were fewer and fewer as she became more and more physically debilitated.   It was time to give her peace.

To read about jenny’s life at House with a Heart, follow this link: