Have you met our Happy?

Jan 21, 2020 | Blog

Have you met our Happy?? He is our little handicapped pup. His back legs don’t work but that doesn’t hold him back. He loves to get outside in his cart, or in a little red wagon special for pulling around pups.

His biggest love in life is Emily. When she arrives at HWAH he cannot contain his excitement and love. Happy was loved well by his family but as his ability to move around became more challenging they felt they couldn’t give him the care he needed. As in all cases like this we are thrilled to be able to step up and show that Love Lives Here!!!

Happy is still a little challenging as he looks so sweet but will quickly try to nip an unsuspecting volunteer or visitor. Even though he only has his back molars he can still pinch enough to hurt. Hard to believe when you look at that cute face that he could have a “mean streak”!!!!

Right now he is snuggled down in one of the soft fluffy blankets that a kind supporter sent from our Amazon Wish List and he is giving me that look – time to pick me up and snuggle!!!

He will fuss like a cranky baby at the end of the day when I am trying to get everyone settled. He wants his drink of water NOW, and his treat NOW, and then I have to sit with him in my arms held like a little baby until he falls asleep. Once he dozes off I can set him down on his blanket, give him a little pat and he is good for the rest of the night.

What a sweet way to end the day!!!