So Much Talent

Mar 21, 2019 | Blog, Volunteers

At House with a Heart, we are very fortunate to have so much talent come to help us on a daily basis.  And, those talents pop up at the most unexpected time…

Now as a Senior and Special needs Pet Sanctuary, we certainly have the need for folks who enjoy animals, are willing to get down and play on the floor as well as poop scoop in the yard.

But we also have volunteers who come with other amazing and even unexpected gifts!

We have folks who love to landscape, work in the yard, putter around the house, and yes even clean.



But we truly discover how gifted our volunteers are when we do something completely unexpected – like a fund raiser for our K9 Medical Miracles program.  Suddenly we have people who can ask for silent auction items, come up with new and clever ways to promote the event, ideas for food and fun as well as support for the mundane tasks like loading up all of the HWAH logo items to take to the event.

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Another gift we discovered among our volunteers recently is those with a creative flare for “visual” arts and “story telling”.  We have some who can make very engaging and professional videos, while others who love photography and can captive the spirit of the dogs and kitties with their cameras.

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We are also fortunate to have word smiths, who can tell stories and share ideas about most anything – the history of the dogs and cats of House with a Heart, the people of HWAH and even media stories for HWAH.  Stay Tuned for More…..