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Mar 3, 2019 | Archive-Private

Message From Sher: “I am the Director of HWAH and I take care of the senior pups here .  We are a small organization that truly does great work as anyone who has visited here can tell you.  

Working exclusively with senior dogs means you will have most likely have more medical and emergency needs than your typical rescue sanctuary.  And recently, it has been just that – more and more and more..

In early February, Nora she became ill and we were working with the Doctors to help Nora, getting all of the needed diagnostics, and then planning her schedule for visits to the Oncologist for Chemo treatments.  We really thought that we would have her with us much longer. Her cancer was so aggressive!!  We found the lump in her neck on a Thursday and it was the size of a pea, she saw the Vet on the following Monday, got the diagnosis on Tuesday, scheduled a visit with the Oncologist for the following Tuesday and before we even got to the weekend the lump had increased to the size of an orange!!!  We rushed her back to the ER where they did another x ray and found cancer in her lungs and chest and tried to do a Jumpstart Chemo treatment that should have shrunk the tumor within 24 to 48 hours.  It didn’t work and we had no choice but to let Nora go.  It was very upsetting for all of us who loved and cared for her.

 Before we could take a breath it seemed – little Wrigley showed signs of difficulty breathing so he was rushed to the ER where he spent 2 days in oxygen and in the ICU.  It was determined that he has hypertension and that has been controlled with medication and he is back at the Sanctuary now and feeling much better….but at 17 years old we are watching him closely to make sure that he is enjoying quality of life and not struggling.

 Over the past few days, Dixie had not been feeling well, she is very stoic and difficult to read, but when she decided she didn’t want to eat – off she went to the ER and that is where she is tonight”.  

The rest of the story…

It’s late on Friday evening, and we have been in touch with our vet where Dixie is currently staying for treatment of severe Pancreatitis off and on all day to see if we could finally bring her home. But they are recommending a few more days with them to continue the special food and monitoring (and yes we got a second and third opinion too). We think maybe she might be missing her constant companion Marlie as well. Our volunteer Chris, (her favorite) has been visiting daily and hand feeding her as much as she can.

But it’s time to ask for YOUR HELP.

First, we need your prayers that Dixie will recover and be able to come back to the sanctuary very very soon.

Second, we are asking for donations. Small, Large, the size doesn’t matter, every little bit will help. This is our third serious medical event in as many weeks, so we truly are in need or we would not be asking.

If you donate via our website, we will get the funds right away.  And even if you can only share this post and spread the word that we are asking for Prayers as well as Donations, that would be awesome too.

PS – our mailing address is 6409 Stream Valley Way, Gaithersburg MD 20882 if you prefer to send something that way…


 Jacqueline on behalf of House with a Heart…