Reservation Request

Note:  The Sanctuary will be closed to visiting dogs on the following dates, and no Short Term Care will be available (see below):

All short term visitors MUST be picked up the day before, or dropped off the day after our opening/closing dates:

Sanctuary Closing Dates:


January 4th (Friday) to January 25th (Friday), 2019
March 29th (Friday) to April 12th (Friday), 2019
September 13th (Friday) to October 4th (Friday), 2019

Entering a Reservation Request is not a guarantee that a space is available. Your Reservation Request will be reviewed within 24-48 hours. Confirmation of your booking is dependent upon HWAH having an appropriate space for your pet and not exceeding the limit of special needs dogs we can accommodate during the dates you have requested.

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When you are ready to bring your pet to HWAH for his or her Short Term Visit:

      • Drop Off and Pick Up times:  7 days a week Noon to 1pm or 7pm to 8pm.  Drop off or pick up at either time.
      • Special Note– Noon to 1pm (if picking up during this time there is no charge for the pickup day)
      • Special Note –7-8pm (if dropping off during this time there is no charge for the drop off day).
      • Effective January 1, 2019 the suggested value is $45.00 a day for the first dog, and $25.00 for each additional dog. (This is the local fair market value).  Any donation in excess of that amount is allowable under IRS Guidelines for Charitable Contributions.
      • Please be sure to bring your dog’s food.  If provided by HWAH, there will be an additional daily charge for food.
      • We cannot accept payment from third party non-profits for these services. All of the funds go to support the HWAH residents.

Be sure to note your drop off and pick up times – Noon to 1pm or 7pm to 8pm.