Secret of Sher

Sep 4, 2019 | Blog, The Sanctuary, Volunteers

People often say about Sher, “How wonderful that you dedicate your life and home to saving senior pets.”  And it is truly an amazing thing to see an entire home full of happy healthy senior pets.

But the real miracle is the amazing transformation that occurs when a seriously ill animal is brought to House with a Heart. We have seen animals that everyone else says have “no hope”, recover and become active vibrant animals again.

Coco the Bichon is a recent example of this transformation:

“We were able to provide Coco the medical care she needed and as she recuperated from her surgeries we got to know her better. It seemed she wanted so much to be cuddled and loved but her shyness would always win out.

 With time she finally allowed Sher to pick her up and bathe and brush and comb her. She still plays hard to get with most people but has let her guard down more and more as the months go by. When the Sanctuary is quiet she will often come for a sit down and cuddle with Sher and the other Resident pups. When someone new comes in she will run to find a quiet bed to hide in until the coast is clear.

 Others are working on being accepted by this discerning pup. Chris,Emily and Lori have made great strides.  Emily has worked her magic and is now able to groom Coco to keep her soft and fluffy…

Emily grooming Coco the Bichon

So you see friends, the secret of House with a Heart is not that Sher dedicates her home and life to the seniors in her care.  The secret is Love!  Love Lives Here, and sometimes Love is the Cure.  But we all know the secret behind that love is Sher…