Noodle Doodle (Gone but not forgotten)

Aug 28, 2019 | Blog

Noodle was a ten-year-old little Jack Russell who came to us from the MCHS in November of 2011 where she was surrendered by her owner. She needed to be quarantined when she arrived because of kennel cough. That’s when we realized we would have our hands full! Noodle wasted no time in letting us know that she considered herself the BOSS and woe to anyone who challenged her.

Noodle underwent hip replacement surgery and spent her recuperation time at the home of two of HWAH’s valued volunteers, who transported her to physical therapy and took wonderful care of our little terror.

She came back at the Sanctuary and spent most of her time out in the front yard where she loved to play with her friends and enjoy the spring weather.

Nov 2012

Noodle Doodle went home with two of our dedicated volunteers, Bob and Judy. Noodle always followed Bob around the Sanctuary and stared adoringly into his face. Whenever Bob and Judy were on duty at the Sanctuary, you would see Bob walking around with Noodle under his arm. They finally convinced me that we should let them try fostering Miss Noodle.

And so they did!!! They soon found out that Noodle is a Jekyll and Hyde for sure but no matter they love her anyway. Noodle no longer yearns to be outside, instead she loves lying on her cute kiddie bed, playing ball with Judy and Bob’s grandchildren and snarling at her new pack-mates — Candy and Archie. It was a wonderful match and I know that Noodle is happy. Judy claims she is more cat like than dog as she loves to be cuddled but ONLY when SHE wants to make the decision!!!

Nov 2013

“With heavy hearts, we want to let everyone know that Noodle crossed the rainbow bridge on Saturday afternoon after battling a severe respiratory illness. It was finally determined that she was throwing clots into her lungs. Even though we tried everything medically at our disposal she declined over the past few days and we had to let her go. She was surrounded by her HWAH Guardian Angels, Rich, Kathy and Bob. We’re so thankful that she brightened our lives during her time at the sanctuary, and we’ll carry her memory in our hearts.

We are grateful to all of our Supporters who donated to the HWAH Medical Fund so we were able to give Noodle the best care possible. In keeping with our HWAH Mission – we loved her to the end of her lifetime!”