Merry – K-9 Medical Miracle in action

Jan 7, 2018 | Blog, K-9 Medical Miracle

K-9 Medical Miracle Story – Magda/Merry

It was a few days before Christmas and I was sitting in front of my computer all safe, warm and surrounded by pampered HWAH residents when the email came in from one of our Volunteers.  She had just seen a post on her Neighborhood Listserve about an older dog who had been found in the street, apparently abandoned.


I tried to find the post but was having no luck when ANOTHER email came in from a family who had taken in the lost dog and was hoping that HWAH could take her as a resident.   It was a story of neighborhood cooperation.  The little black poodle had been found shivering in the street during our most recent snowstorm.  She was covered in frozen snow and suffering from hunger and cold.   One family took her in for a bit but could not keep her but another neighbor was able to step in and hold her for a few days before they had to leave town on a planned trip.  The family had her shaved down, fed her and kept her safe while trying to find her Owners or a placement for her.  No Owners were found and HWAH had no room available for another resident.

I immediately started sending out emails to our Rescue Partners and Claudia with Tomorrow’s Promise was thrilled to say she was sure she could place the little dog.  Claudia had someone on her list who had been waiting for a while for a little poodle who might need a home.

The family had named the pup Magda, and they brought her to HWAH.  She was a bit timid but very sweet, and quickly accepted attention from our volunteers.  The following day Claudia stopped by to pick up Magda and get her started on her journey to her new home.



Claudia decided to change her name to Merry and the next stop was the Vet and the news was not good.  Little Merry was diagnosed with multiple health issues.    The Vet believes she is 14 or older.   She has 4 mammary tumors that could be cancer, a  large lump by her right front leg that is a fatty tumor, non-cancer. She has lost a number of teeth and will have a dental done as well and most likely lose more, her mouth is in bad shape.

Merry sitting

She has dry eye that most likely won’t be helped by medication but Claudia is going to try it for a week or so and see. Merry only sees large shapes and cannot define much else. Dr. Palmer did shave her and look for a spay scar but none was found and she has had puppies. Her ears are infected but due to the severity of the infection they are going to have them plucked and cleaned when she goes in for the spay, mammary removal and dental.

Merry's new home

These Vet costs will be upwards of  $1000.00 to get Merry in a somewhat decent condition.    Claudia has decided that placing Merry might not be for the best.   She realized that the right option for Merry would be to stay with her as a Hospice pup, to be loved and cared for as long as possible.

Merry home with Claudia

Merry is now safe and loved at Tomorrow’s Promise for the rest of her days.   And due to your generous donations to our K-9 Medical Miracle Fund, HWAH is able to supply a Grant to help with Merry’s care. 

This is another story of how HWAH Supporters and Followers have changed the life of a Senior Dog!!!

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