K9 Medical Miracles Success Stories 2019

Dec 1, 2019 | Blog, K-9 Medical Miracle

Here are a few of the stories and pictures about the lucky pups who received a second chance this year because of Your Support of our

K9 Medical Miracles Fund.

As you know, House with a Heart residents are dogs who come to HWAH and have a “Home for Life”.
Often when a rescue group goes to a shelter, they only look for young healthy dogs, even though many people are now considering a Senior or Special needs dog when looking to adopt.
For the past two years, we have been providing a new way to help Senior and Special needs dogs – by encouraging partner rescues to accept senior dogs from shelters.
With our K9 Medical Miracles Fund, we can step up with necessary initial medical care to make them adoptable and give them a new forever home.
Here are just some of our success stories from 2019 Thanks to You!

Gary – Rescued By Strength of Shadow Dog Rescue

Gary, a 15 year old blind, deaf Yorkie was in a California shelter as a stray. He was rescued by Strength of Shadow Dog Rescue. Our K9 Medical Miracles grant provided his senior exam and treatment for upper respiratory infection. Once Gary recovered, he was adopted almost immediately!

Heidi – Rescued by Harlee’s Angels Rescue

Heidi, a 13 year old French Bulldog was brought to the Vet to be euthanized due to urinating in the house. The Vet reached out to us to see if we could find a Rescue for her.
We posted Heidi on our Facebook Safety Net page and Harlee’s Angels Rescue stepped up to take her.
We offered a grant to help with Heidi’s medical expenses. Heidi is now living with her forever foster family and doing great!
Your donations to K9 Medical Miracles Fund made the difference!

Toby – Rescued By Leashes End

From our Asst Director, Lori:
“I visited Leashes End today to visit Toby. Toby was brought into MCASAC as a stray. They found the owner, but they didn’t want him anymore. He was starving, matted, sores and horrible teeth.
Leashes End stepped in and adopted him. Risa at Leashes End applied for our K9 Medical Miracles grant for Toby’s senior exam, cardiologist and dental.
Toby is a sweet 21 year old Pomeranian Cocker Spaniel mix who is now safe and recovering nicely”.