K9 & Kitty Medical Miracles – Gray Face Acres & Roxxie

Jul 3, 2020 | K-9 Medical Miracle

Roxxie’s story as told by Gray Face Acres Senior Dog Rescue:

12/20/2019 “We will be welcoming this new baby ROXXIE on Monday! She’s a Dalmatian mix (look at those ears!) and she will be with one of our brand new fosters! We can’t wait to meet you ROXXIE girl”.

1/3/2020 “Our new girl ROXXIE had her first vet visit! ROXXIE is part Dalmatian so she has such pretty spots! ROXXIE is having some issues with her lungs which we will he exploring and we also found out she has been shot in the past. There is evidence of a bb and a bullet on her x-rays even though she has healed well. We can’t understand who would even think to hurt this sweet girl.  No more fear and pain Roxxie, we are here to love you”.

1/6/2020 “Miss Roxxie loves going on walks with her new sisters! Roxxie’s foster mama has decided to make it official by adopting Roxxie once we have her vetting taken care of”!!

1/21/2020 “Our pretty girl Roxxie loves the fireplace – she is such a sweet gentle girl.  Roxxie is part Dalmatian, so she’s got some beautiful spots! Miss Roxxie needs to see a cardiologist because she has fluid around her heart and lungs. Whenever she runs, she tends to collapse and urinate, so we are hopeful that we can help her. Roxxie also has some kidney issues. We are working hard to get more clarity about her medical issues”.

Due to your generosity, House with a Heart is able to help with the treatment for Roxxie with a K9 & Kitty Medical Miracles Grant for her cardio consultation as well as medications.

And more good news:

6/18/2020 “Miss ROXXIE is thriving with her furever family! She’s got dog friends to romp with, and a loving mom to give belly rubs. This place is complete”!

ROXXIE is a furever GFA girl, as she has some expensive heart medications to keep her going. Your contributions help Roxxie and her furever mom so much!

Please help us save more dogs like Roxxie, by donating to our K9 & Kitty Medical Miracles Fund, and together, we can give these senior dogs and cats the care and love they deserve.