Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

Sep 17, 2022 | Blog, Helpful hints, News

At House with a Heart, one of the blessings we receive is support from our friends and followers by setting up Birthday Fundraisers. If you’ve ever wondered how it works, here are some tips and tricks.

First, you have to make sure you have your birthday listed on Facebook. If you don’t have your birthday listed, then you can start a general fundraiser.

Navigate to the fundraiser page on your Facebook profile. (Generally on the left hand side on a computer, or under your profile on a cellphone). If you’re within a good couple of weeks of your birthday, you should see a reminder at the top of the page reminding you to set up a fundraiser.

Once you’ve picked your charity of choice (House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary), you chose the details of the fundraiser, such as how much money you want to raise and when the fundraiser ends.

The next page then lets you title your fundraiser and write a status about why you’ve chosen this particular nonprofit. Facebook pre-fills these boxes for you, but they can be changed.

Now, select a cover photo. It defaults to the House with a Heart banner, but feel free to change!

Hit Create. Facebook will then prompt you to share the fundraiser to your profile, invite specific friends to donate, or to donate yourself.

All of us at House with a Heart want to thank everyone who has chosen us and we hope you will continue to share our mission with your friends and family.