Foster Focus – Skye

Aug 29, 2022 | Blog, K-9 Medical Miracle

Skye, the Scottie, was cared for and loved for many years.  Sadly, as her human grew older and ill, she was not able to provide the care that Skye needed.  Skye developed cancer in her lower jaw and was becoming more and more ill herself.  When her “Mom” was moved to Nursing Home care, Skye was accepted into MASTER rescue.   Jeanne with MASTER needed a foster home for Skye and House with a Heart was happy to offer the loving care that Skye needed. We soon realized that Skye’s tumor was cancerous and needed to be removed immediately.  Skye had surgery to remove the tumor and part of her jaw and all of her teeth.   She came though the surgery like a Trooper and has been improving daily.  She is now part of the House with a Heart – Piper’s Pal pack and we love her more each day.

Here is her journey, and how YOUR donations to the K-9 & Kitty Medical Miracle Fund made this all possible:

July 14:           CRYING CRYING!!! This dear little Scottie just arrived – a foster for MASTER rescue. Her people didn’t get her to the Vet so now she has an out of control cancerous tumor on the front of her lower jaw. Emily rigged a wrap to help stop the bleeding and keep it clean but this morning it just burst open and was bleeding profusely. BLESS EMILY!!! While Karen held a cold compress on Skye’s mouth I called the Vet and Em and now Skye is on the way to see Dr. Handel. All of the Dental surgeons are booked – the soonest consult we could get is in August. We have to figure out how to keep her safe and well until then.

July 18:           Great news about Skye!! She got an appointment to get her mass removed on Friday! The mass is on her lower jaw and although she eats great-we know she will feel SO much better once it’s gone!

July 20:           Skye update!! Surgery went great!! She will be recovering overnight in the ER just to be extra safe! She had her lower jaw removed just past her canine teeth and had all of her teeth removed because they were all rotten! She is going to be feeling SO MUCH better. It was a very large bill but worth every penny!! Her tongue will probably be out full time-which is always so cute  Great news for our girl!!

July 21:           Skye is home and doing amazingly well!! She doesn’t need to be separated from anyone and only needs an e-collar if she starts messing with her face. She seems totally comfortable and has become a Velcro dog and wants to be by someone’s feet at all times! We are so happy she’s doing so well. Only good days from now on!

August 25:      Just have to share our Foster pup – Skye!!! She had such a difficult beginning with a horrid tumor on her lower jaw. Now dental surgery behind her and starting a vaccine therapy against a return of the cancer, she is blossoming!!! She is feeling so much better. She has figured out how to get on the couch and loves to lounge like a Diva.

Thanks to our supporters we can help care for all the foster pups that come into our Piper’s Pals Pack program – and for Skye, we were able to can help with a Medical Miracle too.  Click to Sponsor Skye

House with a Heart (HWAH) Piper’s Pals Foster Program and K9 & Kitty Medical Miracles.

Our Piper’s Pals program helps other Rescue Groups by providing a temporary home at HWAH for dogs that need a quiet, safe place to recover from medical treatment. These pups are not HWAH residents — they still belong to the original Rescue Group.

Our K-9 & Kitty Medical Miracles program provides medical grants to help other Rescues with medical care to make that dog or cat ready for their new forever home.  These pets often need extensive medical care to prepare them for adoption or foster care.  This program is so important to our mission to help save as many senior dogs and cats abandoned in shelters as we can.