Friendly Cats

Oct 1, 2022 | Blog, Safety Net, The Sanctuary

Friends! We had 3 friendly cats left outside in a crate right in front of our garage!! A note was left describing each cat and that the owner was dealing with personal issues and could no longer care for the cats.

We are still figuring out where they came from and will be getting them vet care ASAP! Especially the kitty with severe skin issues!! We will keep you updated and will be getting them the care and love they deserve! ❤️

Obviously they SHOULD have been dropped off at Montgomery Cty Animal Services and Adoption Ctr – they are FABULOUS!!!! as we are not the proper place to leave pets!!! and now we for sure have no more room!!!!

Sick kitty update! Callie (her new name!) went to the vet today. Got all her shots and tested negative for FIV- she was however, covered in FLEAS! Doctor thinks she has been over grooming because of the fleas which is why she is missing so much hair. She got her flea/tick/worm killer stuff and is on the road to feeling better and being itch free!

But life is looking up for them starting the moment they were dropped on our doorstep!! Because with your help…LOVE LIVES HERE!