Boss Cat – Fluffy

Nov 12, 2018 | Blog

Fluffy — oh this is a kitty with an ATTITUDE!!!!  Look out if you are intending to brush her.  She is fast as lightening with her teeth and claws.  She believes herself to be the Boss Cat and expects everyone to respect her personal kitty space.  For Fluffy, the higher the better and she loves her toys… that laser light is no match for her.  Fluffy is also a food connoisseur, canned, kibble or treats – they are all good and need to be served RIGHT NOW!!!  She is a delicate eater that looks as if she needs a lace hanky to wipe her whiskers with.   


Fluffy welcomes all volunteers to care for her needs as any Diva would with a bit of distain and sometimes allowing for some restrained affection.  It always makes me smile when a kitty volunteer reports that Fluffy was so sweet today…  only on her terms – only on her terms!!! 

Fluffy watching