We Can Do This!

Sep 6, 2018 | Blog, News

We wanted to share this update we posted on Facebook with you…

A note from Sher- HELP!!!!

I desperately need YOUR help!!! and this time it is not about silliness like how to not eat too many ice cream sandwiches or which way the paper towels should roll!!

I would not be asking unless the need was urgent!!

The cost of caring for our seniors has skyrocketed and recently we have had several pups who have needed extra medical attention. Our Treasurer has just updated me on our financial situation and I am concerned.

You may already know the story of how we started and how I truly wanted to do it all on my own. I hated to ask for help, not wanting to offend or bother people.

A friend convinced me that not asking for help was actually selfish as I was taking away potential better care for the Seniors AND denying the opportunity for caring people to volunteer and to support us.

So…. Slowly I did begin to ask and HWAH has been richly rewarded with wonderful volunteers and supporters. We also started our STC program so we could work hard and earn our own funds by caring for pups who need special care and would not do well in a kennel environment when their owners are away. This has served us well as I don’t feel like we always have our hand out.. With this program and donations from supporters we normally are able to care for our residents and K-9 Medical Miracle fund Grantees.

Now we are faced with a shortfall and DO need to put our hand out in hopes that you will grab hold and help to pull us up!!!

With small regular donations we CAN DO THIS!!! Our goal is to have 200 donors giving up one specialty coffee or treat a week and donating $10.00 – $20.00 a month to support our mission of saving Seriously Seniors. It IS a worthy mission and with your help we can continue to provide the care these abandoned dogs deserve.

Rocky is one example of a pup that with your help we were able to save. He was taken in by Baltimore Animal Control as an abuse, neglect case. He weighed 44 pounds and looked like a skeleton, he had to have a tumor removed, needed to be neutered, and had to have surgery on both eyes…. at one point he collapsed and had to have an MRI and an ultra sound… I am sure you can hear the sound of the costs piling up!! With the help of our supporters we were able to give Rocky all of the care he needed and he now needs to lose 3 pounds as he is heading for overweight at 78 pounds!!!

Thank you for your consideration and I pray you will join us in making sure that Love can CONTINUE to live here at HWAH!!!

Here is the link to our website for more information about donating to HWAH:


For those of you with matching grants from your workplace, please be sure to let them know about your donation.  We will gladly follow-up.