Volunteer Spotlight – Karen C.

Apr 22, 2022 | Blog, Volunteers

Check out our latest Volunteer Spotlight which features the amazing and wonderful Karen C! We are so grateful to all of our volunteers, and we couldn’t do what we do without you.

As told by our Sanctuary Coordinator, Chris A:

“As I recall, Karen started at HWAH as part of her in-service hours for graduation from High School.  When she completed her hours, she agreed to become part of the HWAH staff  as the pups were instantly in love with her.  

 There is no task that she won’t do, from mopping the floors, to Poop scooping, to cleaning runny eyes and noses.  She has become the go to person with her calming nature, and has helped several of the seniors across the rainbow bridge by holding them to the end. 

 Karen has been helping Mark with the fish and turtle tank, as Mark and Pat will be traveling soon, so Karen will have another “duty as assigned”.

 I think her favorite thing at the sanctuary is sitting with the pups- often there are at least three in her lap anytime she sits down!  She will graduate from high school next month. Her current plan is to go to Montgomery college to start which will give her time to determine what she wants to study, then to Maryland.

 From our director Sher:
“Tator can be so cuddly – and here he is enjoying a moment of LOVE with Karen…. we are so thankful for Karen and all of her help Monday through Friday afternoons, and one of the best things of having her here is she is always willing to give a dog a cuddle!!! Besides doing an incredible job with the critters, Karen is a DELIGHT to have in the Sanctuary, bringing some serious good energy with her!”