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May 20, 2022 | Blog, Helpful hints

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Summer Holiday Pet Travel Tips

AAA projected that nearly 40 million consumers will hit the road this Memorial Day weekend, traveling at least 50 miles away from home. The projected travel volume for the holiday weekend, otherwise known as the unofficial start to summer, is an 8.3% bump from 2021. 

And we’re predicting that many of those people will be also be taking the family pet along on the adventure. Since more and more places nationwide are becoming pet friendly (and we think that’s a very good thing), taking the dog has gotten easier and more accepted. So, if you’ll be bringing the pooch along on your holiday weekend, here are a few tips to keep in mind”.

Car Safety 

  1. It’s important to always keep your pet restrained with a harness, zipline, or carrier.
  2. Bring plenty of food, treats and water. Just when you think you’ve packed enough, pack more.  You never know when it might get lost, misplaced or left behind.  It’s better to have too much than not enough.
  3. Pack a travel bag with pet essentials like, first-aid supplies, extra blankets and toys.
  4. NEVER leave your pet unattended in a car, even for a short time. Your car could be broken into and your pet stolen or let loose. Plan ahead.  If you have several stops or a long car ride that requires frequent stops, you’re probably better leaving your dog home with a sitter or friend or consider boarding your pet.
  5. Take lots of breaks so you and your dog can stretch, get fresh air and explore. The more pleasant and less stressful the experience is for your dog, the happier you’ll all be.

Hanging out the window

For more details on how to keep your pet safe in the car, check out our article “How to Travel Safely with your Dog: https://housewithaheart.com/spreading-the-word/

 Heat Safety

 As the weather warms up, making sure your dog in comfortable needs to be a priority.  Heat stroke can happen quickly in dogs and with little warning. By the time signs of a heat stroke start, it could be too late.  Know the signs and get your pet to a vet immediately if you see any of these warning signs below:

 – Heavy panting, trouble breathing, excessive drinking

– Thick saliva, vomiting, diarrhea.

– Unsteady on their feet, falling over.

 A normal temperature for a dog is 100.5 °F-102.5 °F. Heat exhaustion can begin at 104 °F.  Heat stroke can happen at 107 °F-109 °F


Heat stroke in dogs can quickly lead to seizures, organ failure and death.  Don’t leave your dog in the car for any period of time. Also, keep your pet out of direct sun for long periods of time. Make sure they always have a shady spot in the car to sit and plenty of cool, fresh water.

 Pet Friendly Hotels and Apps

 Planning a trip with your pet can be easier with the help of pet friendly hotels and apps. Check out some of our favorites below.  Some of these hotels charge a small fee, but some are no-fee, pet friendly hotels.

 When planning a hotel stay, always call ahead to confirm they are indeed pet friendly, you never know when their policies have changed.  Make sure the hotel knows you plan to bring a pet so they can prepare the proper room and always call or check their website for their pet policy to avoid any surprise fees or charges. 

– Aloft Hotels– Kimpton Hotels – LaQuinta – Red Roof Inns – Sheraton Hotels – Westin Hotels

Dog On Vacation

 For great trip planning advice, pet friendly hotels, restaurants and more, there are a host of great websites and apps to help you along the way. Check out some of our faves:




 Hitting the road with your pooch is easier than ever before, now that so many places have finally come to realize how important it is to include your furry family members on vacation, as well.  With some of our tips and some pre-planning, we’re hoping your summer vacation will be fun, easy and worry-free.