Tiny Tim, forever in our hearts

Dec 19, 2015 | Blog, The Sanctuary

This week, House with a Heart was not its usually happy place.  Losing Peanut on Wednesday was so very sad, but little did we know there was more to come.

Our Tiny Tim was taken to the emergency hospital on Wednesday evening because he was in respiratory distress. On Friday we knew it was time to say goodbye to TT.

Tiny Tim 83014

Tiny Tim was a little white poodle.  This long-legged, one-eyed, toothless, little seventeen-year-old came to HWAH with his brother Sir Shag, from the Caroline County Humane Society, where they had been surrendered by their owner.  He was a feisty little guy who, while extremely attached to his Mama Sher, wasted no time trying to nip the hands of others who tried to give him a pet. He didn’t let any of the other pups disturb him and wouldn’t hesitate to let them know how he was feeling.  Tiny Tim most certainly never learned the meaning of “small.”

Tiny Tim

While we had hoped to bring TT home from the hospital for a little while, his deteriorating oxygen therapy-dependent condition didn’t allow us to do that. Mamas Sher and Harriette were with him at the beginning of his new journey, while volunteer Wendy tended to the gang at the Sanctuary.  Our little boy left us in the arms of his beloved Mama Sher.

Rest Easy, Little Man.  Sir Shag and so many others are waiting to greet you.