The Many Faces of Marco

Dec 21, 2023 | Blog, The Sanctuary

Our “12 Days of Christmas” series continues with MARVELOUS MARCO!

This adorable pup arrived at HWAH matted and dirty and with a horribly infected mouth. Our incredible groomer gave him a soothing bath and haircut, turning him into a handsome fella. After his medical exam, we learned Marco needed ALL of his teeth removed. After his dental surgery and healing, Marco felt much better and had a new “leash” on life…. He went from a shy, worried tail tucker to MIGHTY MARVELOUS MARCO! Now, this HWAH Resident will sit in any and all laps whether or not there is already a dog in the lap. It’s his mission to be all things to all people! We love our Marco and he sure loves us.

If you’d like to sponsor Marco and help provide support for his ongoing medical expenses and other care, please visit the Support page on our web site and select the “Sponsor a Pet” option. Thank you for your generosity!