The Many Faces of Hershey

Dec 22, 2023 | Blog, The Sanctuary

🎄 Our “12 Days of Christmas” series continues with one of our adorable Chihuahuas – Hershey!

Hershey arrived at HWAH in April, 2023. His owner was no longer able to care for him, so we decided to add him to our roster of Chihuahuas. He had severely malformed knees, so we had an orthopedic surgeon reconstruct his left knee. At 13 years old and a whopping 4 lbs., we consider him a young pup! He also had a much-needed dental and neuter and recently had surgery to reconstruct his right knee. Hershey is a tiny but mighty pup and will soon feel like a new man with both his knees in tip-top shape! He loves to squeeze into a cozy bed with any willing participant and absolutely loves cuddles and snuggles from his many human fans. We adore this boy and can’t wait for the years of memories we will make with Hershey!

If you’d like to sponsor Hershey and help provide support for his ongoing medical expenses and other care, please visit the Support page on our web site and select the “Sponsor a Pet” option.

Thank you for your generosity!