Saved By Fate – Meet Jules

Apr 8, 2023 | Blog, Safety Net

Was Julia (now Jules), saved by fate?   Lynn, a long-time HWAH supporter, traveled to California in mid-March to help her daughter-in-law drive cross-country to Maryland with her menagerie of dogs and cats.

On the day Lynn arrived in California, she was walking on a trail when she noticed a small animal hiding in the bushes.  It was Jules, scrunched up and trembling, looking emaciated and terrified.  As Lynn reached for her, Jules ran off in fear.

A chase of 30+ minutes ensued until the scruffy little dog ran across a roadway, narrowly missing being hit by a passing car.  The driver of the car jumped out and joined in the chase and was able to catch the little dog and hand her over to Lynn.  The poor pup was panting and bleeding from her mouth and nose.

Lynn tucked her into her arms and took her to a local vet to be checked.  Other than an ear infection and being underweight, the vet reported she seemed okay.

Lynn was able to find the owners after a Facebook lost and found search.  It turned out Jule’s Fur-Mom had dementia and wasn’t taking care of her, so the family had decided to take the pup to the shelter where she would likely be euthanized. Unfortunately, Jules ran away from the shelter and had been missing for over a week.  Lynn decided to keep Jules and bring her back to Maryland with her.

On the long road trip back, Jules became quite sick and they stopped at a vet in Missouri.  That vet thought that the little pup may have cancer but further tests were needed.  After getting some medication for her sick tummy, they continued on their journey and Jules became Lynn’s shadow.

Arriving back in Maryland meant Jules needed another placement as Lynn’s large reactive dog would not be a safe placement for this timid senior.  That’s when Lynn contacted HWAH.  We were happy to reach out to our partner rescues to find a foster home for Jules and eventually for her to be adopted.

HOWEVER, when Lynn brought Jules to HWAH, we realized it might not be in her best interest to move her again.  She is a bit frail, has some health issues we are now working on, and is very worried and easily frightened.

Jules update: Ultrasound showed a couple of tumors and an enlarged ovary which could likely mean cancer.. there’s a slight chance that it is all benign so our fingers are crossed for good news…we just know we will do everything we can to keep her as happy and comfortable as she can be.

To help with Jules’ medical expenses: Donate to support Jules