Our Little Hershey Kiss

Aug 25, 2023 | Blog, News

This is our little Hershey Kiss!!

We welcomed Hershey, a 4 lbs 13 yr old Chihuahua. His owner could no longer care for him, so we took him into the sanctuary and immediately fell in love with him.

Our excellent Vet, Dr. Handel, told me today that since he started working with House with a Heart, he no longer thinks 13 is an advanced Senior! Our little Hershey is 13, and he has a horrid condition with both of his knees entirely out of place. He came through 2 surgeries on both legs and is good as new! We made sure his next ten years will be as comfortable as possible!

August 25, 23:
“This week is going to be a big deal for the little guy. On Wednesday, he went in for his second surgery to repair his other back leg.
He did so well with the first surgery we are hopeful this one will be a breeze. At a young 13 years old, we are hoping for many more years for this little guy with no painful back legs going all wicky wacky!!
He spent the Wednesday night with Emily, and Thursday he was at his excellent Vet, Kentlands, for observation and continued TLC.  He will bunk with Emily for his recovery period and return to us at the Sanctuary in a few days. What amazes me is how such a little guy who causes no trouble can leave such an empty space when he is not here?!!! Goodness gracious I MISS HIM!!
Can you spare $5 dollars to help with the medical and PT recovery for our little Hershey? The surgery was a success and we are so excited for him to have full use of Both of his hind legs.”
Please only donate if you are able, and Thank you for your support.
To donate online, Support Hershey