NORRRRAAAAAAA shhhhhhhhhhhhhh no talking!!!

Apr 8, 2018 | Blog

Nora is a very old almost 10 year old BEAGLE???? Mix…


Nora came from the southern US where she was rescued from the life of a chained back yard dog. You know the story…cute little puppy who grows up and is then chained in the back yard, never to come into the house, always on the outside looking in. In all kinds of weather…tied, alone….sad. She was infected with Heartworms and pretty sick. She had a hard life during the 8 years that she lived chained in the back yard. Then one of our Rescue Partners, Pet Connect accepted Nora into their fold. They asked HWAH to foster her to get her out of their kennel and allow her to live in a real home environment so she came to the Sanctuary.


Nora who is friendly and holds no grudge was quickly adopted and went to live with a busy family who had lots of visitors coming in and out, and other dogs. Nora is a talker!!! Not really a barker, a talker!!!!

So she talked to the visitors, she talked to the other dogs, and she talked to her new family and no one realized they needed to make Nora stop TALKING!!! Her talking is kind of on the quiet side, and not loud or intrusive…just a low doggie rooowrooow rooowrooooww…but pretty constant if not checked.

She has a lot to say now that she is not all alone in a backyard!! She can become almost like one of those white noise machines – you just begin to not notice. And that was Nora’s undoing.

Nora barking

So after about 10 days…early in the morning the family woke up to Nora coughing and coughing, hardly able to breathe!! They rushed her to the ER where they found that she had “talked” so much that she had inflamed her esophagus, which was now collapsing and she could barely catch her breath!! Some medication to calm her down and to quiet her cough helped immensely, but the family realized their busy lifestyle was too much for Miss Nora so back she went to Pet Connect and through them back to House with a Heart where she remains.

You will hear all of us at HWAH several times a day saying. NORRRRAAAAAAA shhhhhhhhhhhhhh no talking!!! We keep her chit chat under control so she rarely needs to take her cough medication. She is a beloved fixture here at HWAH as we are afraid that others may not take it seriously how important it is to help Nora control her need to TALK!!!

Watch this short video of Nora “talking” to Emily

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