K9 Medical Miracle – Stella

Mar 8, 2020 | Blog, K-9 Medical Miracle

We’d like you to meet another K9 Medical Miracle pup!

Stella joined one of our Rescue Partners, Leashes End at the age of 16 yrs old. She’s nearly blind with nuclear sclerosis and limps from a luxating patella. She was so matted that it took their groomer three days to clear them. Her mouth had been neglected for so long, her teeth were so rotten, that the vet feared some extractions would cause her jaw to deteriorate! She had gone years without seeing a vet, and it showed. Leashes End reached out to us for a grant to help pay for Stella’s dental surgery, and we were happy to oblige! The surgery was a success!

One year later, Stella had acclimated to life at Leashes End in no time. She’s such a spitfire! She’s the first to run barking out the door at neighbors walking down the street. She’s a perfect fit with her high-energy Chihuahua pack! She is so incredibly loved, and got the second chance at happiness that she deserved.

Please help us save more dogs like Stella, by donating to our K9 Medical Miracle Fund, and together, we can give these senior dogs the care and love they deserve.