HWAH Rescue Division – Behind-the-Scenes

Dec 17, 2020 | Blog, Pet Pantry, The Sanctuary, Volunteers

We continue our “Behind-the-Scenes” look at how the “Feed Fido & Fluffy” ?HWAH Pet Pantry? collects donations and helps those less fortunate feed their pets during these challenging times. Today we share information about how YOUR generous donations are helping animal rescue organizations!
In addition to food donations from our Amazon and Chewy Wish Lists for our residents and for our Pet Pantry, we regularly receive donations of a wide variety of items that are dropped off or mailed to the Sanctuary. These items are donated because an owner’s dog or cat may not have liked the new product, an incorrect delivery came from Chewy (and they generously instruct the owner to “donate” versus “return” the item!), or a beloved owner’s pet passed away.
In all cases, we’re grateful these people think of HWAH residents and our Pet Pantry when they don’t want to see their pet’s unused or lightly used items go to waste.
The items we receive include prescription and regular food and treats, medications and medical supplies, pet beds and blankets, potty pads, diapers and belly bands (disposable or washable) and liner pads, toys, crates and carriers, harnesses, collars and leashes, grooming supplies, pet sweaters and jackets, and much more.
We can’t use all of these donations at HWAH, so the Rescue Division of our Pet Pantry coordinates with many rescue groups in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Our volunteer Pat F. sorts all of the donations and sends out messages to determine who can use the items, then makes arrangements for the group representatives to pick them up. Gray Face Acres Senior Dog Rescue, LovePaws, Brew Beagles, PetConnect, and K-9 Lifesavers are just a few of the local groups that share in our donations. If you are a rescue group and would like to be added to our distribution list, please use the Contact link on our website (www.housewithaheart.com).
?If you would like to donate items for HWAH and/or the Rescue Division of our Pet Pantry, please make sure that used items are clean and in very good condition. To determine what items we’re able to accept, please send us a message via the Contact link on our website.
To learn more about the “FEED FIDO & FLUFFY” HWAH Pet Pantry, visit this page on our web site: