HWAH Happenings

Mar 10, 2021 | Blog, K-9 Medical Miracle, News, Pet Pantry, The Sanctuary

HWAH Happenings!!!

We are all so looking forward to SPRING!!!  It has been a cold and snowy winter but we were so fortunate to have our new weather enclosures completed just in time for the cold rain, sleet and snow.  SO grateful to Cris C, Donny and their team for giving us two more protected areas for the pups to go out.  What a BLESSING!!!

We have also been thrilled that our Buster’s Buddies program has been so successful – all of the LovePaws foster kitties who were staying in our upper level were adopted.  John is taking advantage of the empty rooms and is in the process of painting and sprucing up to prepare for new foster kitty occupants.  Mark is going to put up a series of kitty shelves that end up in a corner perch where the more adventurous cats can hang out.   We will be sharing photo updates of the finished project at the end of March.  In the meantime our Kitty Munchkin and a new LovePaws foster kitty, Minnie are hanging out in our downstairs kitty area.

The 2021 Caring Connection project started off gang busters in January, with so many people donating toiletry items for the homeless.  We had boxes packed to the brim.  Sarah delivered a car load of goodies to Interfaith Works.  In February, at the suggestion of our Jacquie, we honored our Frontline Health care workers.  Mark and Kat delivered bakery treats prepared by Panera Bread  every Friday.  Treats were distributed to different hospital departments, ending on the last Friday by treating the Covid unit workers and patients and the Security department.  In March we are focusing on Random Acts of Kindness and encouraging everyone to do something special as often as possible to help or encourage others.  Please share YOUR ideas of ways to show caring and kindness for people as well as pets.

Our Feed Fido and Fluffy – HWAH Pet Pantry continues to help so many in need thanks to your continued support!!  I honestly thought this would be a project that might be short lived but WOW, was I ever wrong!!!  Our supporters are constantly dropping off food and supplies at the Sanctuary, sometimes used items to Honor a pet that has passed, also purchasing needed supplies through our Amazon Wish List and gift cards from Chewy.com.  With the funds that YOU donate we are able to purchase pet food for the seniors in a subsidized housing community in our county, provide food and supplies for the clients of the non-profit – EveryMind.org., offer bedding, food, supplements, and other supplies to partner rescues and those in need, and even give a helping hand from time to time to individual families in who cry out for help.

The K9 and Kitty Medical Miracle Grant program has been busy recruiting new rescues to work with.  We are so pleased to add the PetConnect Kitty Division and Key to the Lion’s Heart Rescue to our ever growing list of Partner Rescues.  Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories of dog and cat’s being saved from shelters and Owner give-ups through our work with Rescue Partners and the Grant program.

We are all looking forward to a successful 2021 where life gets back to a bit of normal, where TOGETHER we can help to brighten the lives of others with our Caring Connection program to help people as well a pets, where we can save more senior cats and dogs from shelters and Owner give-ups through our K9 and Kitty Medical Miracle Grant program, where we can help to get more pets into their forever homes through our Buster’s Buddies program, and help to ensure pets don’t go hungry through our Feed Fido and Fluffy program.

All of these programs depend on YOU and we are ever grateful that since 2006 when HWAH opened its doors you have never let us down and always lifted us up.  Because of you and your support we can continue to say LOVE LIVES HERE and KINDNESS COUNTS!!