House with a Heart Safety Net is on Facebook!

Nov 13, 2019 | Blog, Safety Net

 If Wishes and Words Would Win a senior dog a new home I would be ecstatic!! This is SUPPOSED to be National ADOPT a Senior Dog month NOT give up your senior dog month!!!

Here at HWAH we have been overwhelmed with calls and emails from people who can no longer keep their senior dog and it is heartbreaking!!!

We need your HELP!!! Please please please share with anyone and everyone and let’s try to give these dogs a second chance!!!  This is a special story about Hayley

Help Us Help Hayley

It is so incredibly sad when a pet loses its home when the Owner is no longer able to care for it due to health or advanced age. We would always wish that family or friends could step in but that is not always possible….so it falls to the rest of us with loving hearts to help!!

Check out our Facebook page dedicated to helping Senior Dogs/Cats get a second chance. 

This is a Facebook page to share Senior or Special Needs dogs who are looking for forever homes. We will only post and share when there are verifiable extenuating circumstances. Sorry, this is not a page for rescues or shelters.

We hope by selectively posting on this page we can give folks a chance to Save A Senior and have a “Safety Net”

And check out this video from our founder Sher about the HWAH challenge