HWAH Saving Seriously Seniors

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Challenge Highlights:

  • Save an advanced age end-of-life dog or cat
  • Listen to a personal message from HWAH Director Sher Polvinale
  • Detailed information on the Challenge appears below!

Our challenge to our friends, supporters and Facebook followers is unique and goes above and beyond the noble decision to adopt a senior dog or cat.  This year we challenge you to adopt an advanced age END-OF-LIFE pet – those animals who are near the end of their lives and have a slim chance of adoption when they enter a shelter.  The end-of-life dog or cat could also be a younger senior who has a terminal condition that dictates the need for end-of-life care.  Please help these animals spend their final years, months or days with the love, care, comfort and dignity they deserve – become an HWAH Sanctuary of Your Own.  We invite you to listen to a personal message from HWAH Director Sher Polvinale.

What are the requirements?

A strong heart – for while you will have the unconditional love of your end-of-life pup or kitty, you will also have the heartbreak when it is time for them to “Cross the Rainbow Bridge.”

Patience – for all of the spills, accidents, doggie diapers, and other special needs of a senior dog.  Just like all elderly beings approaching the end of their life, the things they will need you for the most are the basics they can no longer do for themselves.

Expense – the cost often required to keep your pet comfortable in his or her final days.

And last but not least, a warm lap and wide open arms for all of the snuggles and warm kisses you will get from your new best friend.  The reward of giving a senior pet the comfort, love and dignity they deserve at the end of their life is immeasurable!

For those who cannot personally take in an end-of-life pup or cat – please give!  Give your time, your support and your unique talents to help people and groups who provide support to end-of-life animals.  If you cannot adopt a pup or kitty now but would like to adopt an end-of-life pet later on, please contact your local shelter and ask to be put on a list as a potential adopter for an end-of-life senior.

Are you up to the challenge?  Remember, we want you to be able to say with us, “Love Lives Here”!