Getting to know Sher

Jul 22, 2018 | Blog, Shout Out


Getting to know Sher…

Most of you know the story of how Sher and her husband Joe started House with a Heart. Over the years, HWAH has been featured on TV, and Online Videos and Magazines.  And while they tell the story of the mission of HWAH – to save and help seriously senior dogs, we also want to share a little bit about our beloved director, founder and all round best friend, Sher.

Sher is simply an extraordinary person.  She is also very exuberant – especially when she writes!  Lots of Hugs and Kisses and XXXOOO’s are included in every message (and big red hearts from time to time).  Check out some of her FB posts.

She is very giving – she shares not only her home with senior and special needs dogs/cats, but she helps others do the same.  She works daily with volunteers – guiding and helping each and every one.  She listens to their stories, and troubles as if they were her own.  Her patience is legendary.

From Lori: “We had a very tough case arrive at HWAH. It was a dog who wasn’t socialized with people and was only around her owner. She was scared, angry and wouldn’t let you touch her. She was fine around other dogs, but she didn’t like people. That didn’t scare Sher. She worked with her every day without fail. Sher wants her dogs to feel happy and safe. So now Coco is able to be touched, brushed and hugged by Sher. It’s a long road with Coco, but Sher never gives up on these dogs no matter what the issue is. It’s very plain to see that Coco loves Sher now. It just warms my heart that Sher loves all, even the very tough cases.”

From time to time, she does have to take a BIG step back – one time one of the volunteers decided to “clip” the top of a couple of the dogs, and Sher literally had to leave the area she was so upset.  Of course, the hair grew back, but it was traumatic for all involved.

But her greatest gift is the love and security she has given to the many dogs and cats that have lived at HWAH over the years.  Each and every dog/cat who came had their very own special needs – whether it was losing their own family through old-age or circumstances, or suddenly being orphaned when an owner just gave up.

From Frances: “Sher constantly impresses me with her total commitment to senior and special needs doggies, trying to save, care for, and love every one she hears about.  She gives her entire life to those fortunate enough to spend the rest of their lives with her, making sure those lives are as comfortable, happy, and long as possible.  They know and appreciate how lucky they are.  All we have to do is consider the ones I call the “miracles” –Piper, Monroe, and Sally – and think about how happy and healthy they are now and how different it would be if they never had the opportunity to know Sher.  I’m always saying I don’t know how she does it and, after more than five years of volunteering and observing, I have never known anyone more committed to a cause.”

And like many of us, she loves her family, especially those all-important grand-kids.  When two of her grand-kids moved west, she learned how to FaceTime so she could keep in touch. She keeps an active interest in their doings and achievements.  When they come to visit on school breaks and summer vacation, she is 100% ready.  This last time she had two growing teens in the house, who consumed gallons of milk, lots and lots of sandwiches and cookies, as well as plenty of bottled water.  But she loved every minute.

Hugs and Kisses, XXXXOOOO’s