What is a “Forever Foster” at HWAH?

Oct 30, 2017 | Blog

“Forever Fosters”

As you know, House with a Heart residents are dogs who come to HWAH and have a “Home for Life”.    Recently we opened our hearts to a few very special needs dogs that we are caring for in partnership with other rescues, called “Busters Buddies”.  And they are given the same love and care that we do all of the Sanctuary critters.  But SOMETIMES it is not the best of the best and that is what we always want for our charges.

Some pups become “Forever Fosters”.

These are pups who are happier in a more calm and quiet setting with more hands-on attention than they can get in the Sanctuary full of doggie friends all vying for attention.

One such dog is Raini.   Raini is a pup that HWAH is caring for with one of our Partner Rescues as part of our Busters Buddies program.  Raini is a little Yorkie with a big dog heart and attitude.  Raini arrived at HWAH in late 2015 after his Owner passed away.  As his Owner had become more and more incapacitated, she was unable to give Raini the attention he needed so he was quite disheveled and unkempt when he arrived at HWAH.

Raini at HWAH

After his Owner’s passing the family dropped him off at their local shelter so HWAH quickly went to pick him up.  Raini was suffering from inattention.  He was matted and had severe dental issues and his heart was so bad that our Cardiologist warned us that he may not be with us for long and that his heart would likely just give out.

For a year and a half Raini was a beloved member of the HWAH pack.   We called him the Play Police as he would bark as soon as any other dogs would start to run and play whether inside or out!   Over time he proved to us that he has other ideas about his heart and he is still going strong with good cardiac and medical care.

Raini Outside at HWAH

He was a member of nighttime snuggle crew.

Raini with snuggle crew

In early 2017 Raini went to live with one of our dedicated volunteers.  Raini is now a Forever Foster and is living the good life with 3 other Yorkies.

On the Couch with his “Forever Foster” family…..                     At the Beach…

Raini on couch with forever family

Raini at the Beach

With his Froggie…..                                                                    Wearing his new jacket…

Raini with Froggie

Raini with new jacket

Living at HWAH in the Sanctuary is great and lots of fun, but being part of a “forever foster” family is even better!!

Won’t YOU think about fostering a senior pup and making their life SPECIAL!!!???? Contact us at HousewithaHeart