Did an Angel arrive?

Apr 16, 2018 | News, Volunteers

“Frances came to HWAH in the Fall of 2012.  It was like an Angel had arrived. 

 I am grateful every day that this wonderful person chose to work with our Seniors and Special Needs critters.  Frances has worked in so many different areas of the Sanctuary, I think she has covered most positions.  She always seems to fill whatever need arises.

 Currently she is the Lead for our 911-On Call Vet transport.  She is constantly on the road providing a loving taxi service getting the pups to their Vet appointments and to be with them when it is their time to cross the Rainbow Bridge.   She is available for the HWAH pups day and night.

 Additionally she makes the pup’s favorite soft treats and brings a bag full of fresh dog cookies each week when she comes to spend time with the pups.  Now that the weather is getting warmer the pups are hoping that the she will start up the Weekly Adventures for the those who enjoy a car ride, a stop at McDonald’s (no worries just a teeny treat), and then some time at the park.

Marzi listening to Frances ordering the Treats

 You can imagine that Frances is much beloved by our pack and everyone gets excited and happy when she arrives…..including ME!!”

Frances in her own words…

“In October of 2012 I was looking at the Gazette for information on the candidates for office in the upcoming election and found a special pet section of the paper.  Because I had just lost Brady, my Standard Schnauzer who was the best friend I’ve ever had, I glanced through the pages and saw a wonderful little dog in an ad for volunteers for House with a Heart.  I immediately looked HWAH up on the Internet and read that the dogs there were residents and not available for adoption, important to me because I did not want another dog at that time but liked the idea of spending time with doggies that didn’t need homes.  I scheduled a tour/interview and went specially to see the sweet little doggie in the picture.  As it turned out, Rudy, the sweet doggie, had suffered some serious health problems and was not at all well so I started crying when I saw him and believe I cried off and on through most of my time there.


However, I did meet the little dogs and then we went in the big dog room where I met Logan, the hound who was an expert greeter of people, Spirit and Dolly, Sher’s very friendly Standard Poodles, and Jenny, the Portuguese Water Dog who could not even stand for people to look at her, she was so withdrawn.  As a lover of bigger dogs, these were the ones that made me want to be a volunteer at HWAH.  I went home and cried some more and decided it was too soon to be around dogs but the next day I couldn’t stand thinking about not seeing Logan, Spirit, and Dolly again and I really, really wanted to do something to make a difference in Jenny’s life.  So, I became a volunteer at HWAH and my life changed more than I could have imagined.

Frances-Jenny-Logan 1-2015

While I love them all, there are some that have really mattered so much to me that I need to name them:  Monroe, who couldn’t see, walk, or eat when he arrived as a puppy and now is such a great guy; Sally, who was so covered in filth and so thin with hair so long you couldn’t see her face (and who is now my sweet Forever Foster!); Piper, with her various internal problems who is such a happy, playful doggie far beyond what anyone expected; and Sugar, the tiny little Mi-Ki who I loved like she was my own and still think about every day”.

Sally and Monroe