Sep 25, 2023 | Blog

Bella and her two sons Hudson and Ciroc lost their home when their owner died. They were scheduled for euthanasia when someone called House with a Heart to see if we could take them. With just hours to spare, we made room for all three senior pups.
Bella is the 15-year-old little Momma to Cîroc and Hudson. She also seems to be the surrogate Mom to Hershey as he is often found snuggled up next to her.
Bella is doing well although she has to take quite a few medications for her heart condition, her collapsing trachea and her arthritis and her bad back. She loves to get her meds in salmon flavored cream cheese and will dance around expectantly at medication time.
We sometimes hear this sweet-tempered old lady give a growl when her son Cîroc becomes overly forceful with his self-appointed grooming chore of his Mom.
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