Behind the scenes – Barbara

May 13, 2020 | Blog

This week we wanted to share a story about another of our behind the scenes volunteers who continues to support HWAH, even though we are closed:

I began volunteering at HWAH in February of 2016. I had learned about the sanctuary from a friend and colleague who had recorded a news story about Sher for County Cable Montgomery. I’m not exactly sure what drew me to volunteer then. But at the time, I had an aging dog, Sandy, who was incontinent due to a tumor on her bladder, as well as a little deaf. I couldn’t imagine not continuing to care for her through those senior years. So I guess I wanted to help the woman who had dedicated her life to helping animals with special needs, whether those needs were due to aging, or some affliction.

But now, I can honestly say that my motivation for volunteering at HWAH is a bit more selfish. I gain so much more than what I give. Since I first started volunteering at HWAH, I lost my mom in 2017, my dad in 2018, and my husband in 2019. Throughout it all, Sher and the pups were there. Having a connection to HWAH, being able to talk with Sher and the other volunteers, as well as snuggle with the animals, gives me a purpose, a refuge, a chance to move forward.

Thank you Sher.

And a quick word from Sher about Barbara
Barbara is a lady with many talents and has helped us by doing housework, grooming, playing with Miss Joie, walking dogs, supervising playtime and in addition to all of that she is wonderful at taking great photos!!!  Barb’s talents have moved into helping us with Social Media presentations using her creative genius and photography.
And it goes without saying that her sweet spirit touches the pups and she is a favorite with all of them.
Another Volunteer who helps us to shout out our slogan – “LOVE LIVES HERE” and KINDNESS COUNTS….
An example of her work: