Be A Medical Miracle Maker – MOJO!

May 6, 2024 | Blog, K-9 Medical Miracle

#MedicalMiracleMonday   #BeAMedicalMiracleMaker
We pulled MOJO from a MD shelter where we’re told he had no health issues. The day we got him we had to rush him straight to ER get where they wanted to do a $1000 worth of tests. I declined and authorized bloodwork and asked them to give him 3 weeks of Doxycycline which still cost us with his vet stay just over $500.
We recently noticed a small tumor on the front inside of his mouth which seemed to be bothering him. Our vet checked it out and said it should be removed. He also needed a tooth removed.
Thank you Bruce & Michelle for adopting your little fur baby and welcome to the VERY Elite Foster Fail Club!
HWAH provided a grant of $ 889.21 to cover this additional medical necessity.
Thanks to YOUR generosity, our HWAH K-9 & Kitty Medical Miracles Fund was able to help little Mojo get the medical care he desperately needed.
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