Be A Medical Miracle Maker – Libby

Apr 29, 2024 | Blog, K-9 Medical Miracle

#MedicalMiracleMonday   #BeAMedicalMiracleMaker
Our friends at It Takes A Village Rescue NC shared this story:
“Libby lived with an older couple. Her mamma passed and her dad fell on hard times. He surrendered in tears sobbing to the shelter. The rescue coordinator immediately reached out and we grabbed Libby before she even spent one night in shelter. She had not had medical care in MANY years.”
HWAH stepped up with a grant for $ 722.00.
Thanks to YOUR generosity, our HWAH K-9 & Kitty Medical Miracles Fund was able to help Libby get the medical care she desperately needed.
To learn more about our Medical Miracles Fund or DONATE, visit: