Pookie came to us in very rough shape. He was extremely itchy and covered in mats and urine. Now that he has been cleaned up and is feeling much better, he is a very happy boy!  Pookie is very friendly. He is in a foster home with several other senior dogs and he does well with all of them.  When we introduced him to a cat, he showed no interest.  He hasn’t interacted with children yet, but we believe he would do well, as long as they are gentle and respectful of his age and size.

Pookie absolutely loves mealtime, rides well in the car, and sleeps through the night.  He still has a good amount of pep in his step, but also enjoys nap time.

He has dry eye and takes daily drops.  His skin is still being treated, but once healed, he might need to continue with allergy treatments.  He has some joint pain, but he is mobile and peppy.  He is in otherwise relatively good health!

Pookie does have potty accidents so he needs someone understanding and willing to work with him on that.  He does well with wearing belly bands (diapers), but he needs an adopter who will potty train him.  He will need routine grooming.