Volunteer Spotlight: Emma H.

Dec 29, 2015 | Blog, Volunteers

We’re so grateful for all of our wonderful volunteers- they are the backbone of House with a Heart.  Today our Volunteer Spotlight shines on Emma H.  Thank you for your hard work, Emma!

“Growing up my family always had pets ranging from rabbits to frogs. However, the pet of my dreams was always a dog. Typically, I would get my dose of canine love from volunteering at our local animal shelter or dog sitting for our neighbors.

“When I moved from Massachusetts to Maryland for work, I wanted to continue volunteering with dogs. A coworker recommended I check out House with a Heart and, after taking a tour, I was sold. Sher’s dedication to helping senior dogs and compassion for every resident, short or long term, motivated me to become a kennel assistant.


“I look forward to meeting familiar and new dogs every Sunday. I love being able to make each dog’s stay with HWAH enjoyable and fun. While most of my time is spent cleaning kennels and performing other tasks, I love the days when I finish early and can spend time playing with the dogs or giving them tummy rubs. Knowing that my work allows Sher to focus on the residents upstairs is another important motivator. In my capacity as a kennel assistant, I have gotten to meet so many wonderful pets and look forward to what is to come.

“I am happy to say that after 18 years of dogged persuasion I convinced my family to get Linus, a cockapoo mix, who has become the third and favorite child.”

Thank you to Emma and all of our volunteers!